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Labour Manifesto: Chain Migration, Voting for Foreigners


Labour has unveiled its“radical” manifesto that pledged mass renationalisation of utilities, the development of a “humane” immigration system, and plans to extend voting rights to 16-year-olds and foreign nationals.

Speaking from Birmingham City University on Thursday, the Labour leader set out his plans for massive public spending using 1970s-style class war language, pitting the wealthy “them” against the impoverished “us”.

Claiming that “bankers, billionaires, and establishment” figures do not want Britons to have the raft of ‘free’ — ultimately taxpayer-funded — programmes by Labour, Corbyn claimed to be on the receiving end of attacks from the “rich and powerful” and that the “billionaire-owned media makes things up about us”.

“[It is] a manifesto that will bring real change… that the political establishment has blocked for a generation. But you can’t have it. At least, that’s what the most powerful people in Britain and their supporters want you to believe,” he said.

Pledging to tax the rich, Corbyn promised that under a Labour government, “rail, mail, water, and energy” would be renationalised and come into “public ownership” and promised “the very fastest, full-fibre broadband for free” for everyone in the country.

He offered more free services by telling students that Labour “will bring back maintenance grants” and will “make life-long education a right”.

“And yes, we will scrap university tuition fees,” Mr Corbyn said to rapturous applause at the university venue.

In order to pay for all of this and more, Mr Corbyn announced £82.9 billion in tax rises. The party’s funding document outlines that will include increasing corporation tax, increasing income tax on higher earners, a “new national levy” on second homes, “impos[ing] VAT on private school fees”, and getting rid of the Married Persons Allowance.

Further to the party voting in September to ban private schools by forcing them into government ownership and seizing their assets, the manifesto said that the Labour Party would “ask the Social Justice Commission to advise on integrating private schools and creating a comprehensive education system”.

England is in a very bad spot at the moment but with a radical, socialist Labour government in charge, we can kiss goodbye to the country forever!