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I am standing in the General Election in my home constituency of Brentwood and Ongar.  On Thursday, 5th December I attended a hustings run by Brentwood’s local radio channel Phoenix FM!

You can listen to what happened here.

During the hustings the Labour candidate, Oliver Durose repeatedly made it clear that he is “full on” pro migration activist.

Here is how his twitter account introduces him:
“Oliver Durose


Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood & Ongar. Parliamentary Researcher. Democratic Socialist. He/Him”

He had posted up:

“Oliver Durose

Dec 7

Thank you to @phoenixfm for giving me the opportunity to defend workers, migrants and the environment.  Was definitely the rowdiest election hustings of the campaign! #VoteLabourDecember12.

So I posted up as a comment:

“It’s good to hear Labour openly admit that they care more for “migrants” than for the English! #internationalists#multiculturalists”

He replied:

“Migrants in this county are just as English as you and I.  As somebody who is proud of @UKLabour’s multicultural and internationalist values.  I will always oppose ugly, divisive, anti-immigrant hatred.  You will not divide us.”

So I posted up:

“All English people should not this reply by a Labour candidate in this General Election!”

Mr Durose then made a final comment, in reply to the many comments that said he was ridiculous for saying that all migrants are English:-

“Reading the replies to this brings me deep sadness.  Heartbroken at the intensity of hatred towards the racialized other.  Angry at those who use their power to legitimise it.  But emboldened to dismantle the oppressive order that scapegoats migrants for its own exploitative sins.”

During an election, this exchange is probably as close as you could ever get to a full on admission by Labour that they prefer migrants to the English people  

So please do spread this message far and wide so that English people are alerted to Labour’s extensive anti-Englishness!

For those already active in the Cause this exchange should remind them what we are up against and why it must be fought – for England and for the English!