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Lammy considers bid to become next Labour leader


Loudmouth Labour MP David Lammy has written an article in the Observer where he has set out plans to foster a new “civic nationalism” based not on skin colour, religion or ethnicity but on shared values as he prepares for a possible pitch at the Labour leadership.

Lammy suggests he will make a decision on whether to run over Christmas, having assessed who best can counter what he calls the “populist, ethnic nationalism” of Boris Johnson. He accuses Boris Johnson of engaging in Ethnic Nationalism and argues Britain needs a written constitution as well as other reforms.

The alternative to Boris Johnson’s ethnic nationalism that Labour should offer is a civic nationalism. Rather than basing national pride on biological heritage, skin colour or religion, civic nationalism says that we can be united around shared values and institutions.

To foster this, we need to construct new spaces and places in which the UK’s diverse peoples can engage with each other and belong.”

It was not Jeremy’s righteous belief in economic justice that lost Labour this election. It was his perceived worldview, failure of competence, and mind-boggling decision to abdicate leadership on the biggest issue of the day [Brexit].

Lammy once described the ERG group of the Tories as ‘worse than Nazi’s’ as well as making many disparaging comments about Brexit supporters.