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Lee Rigby Killer Seeks Transfer to ‘Cushy’ Prison


The killer of Lee Rigby, Michael Adebowale, has reportedly requested that he serve the remainder of his 45-year minimum term in a Nigerian prison.


The radical Islamic terrorist is said to have requested a transfer in a prisoner swap deal, so he can be moved to the “cushier” Kirikri prison in Lagos, Nigeria. He has reportedly sought advice from officials about securing a transfer as he is seen as a target by other prisoners.

“Michael hates Wakefield. It’s stuffed full of lags who see him as a top target,” claimed one fellow inmate.

The United Kingdom currently has an agreement with the Nigerian government that does allow prisoners from Nigeria to be sent there to serve their sentences, but while Adebowale does have Nigerian parents, he was born in Britain and it is thought to be unlikely that his request would be granted.

Adebowale is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum of 45 years in Wakefield Prison, known as “Monster Mansion.”

Adebowale, along with Michael Adebolajo, killed fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013 in a vicious attack in which they ran down the off-duty soldier with a car and then proceded to hack him to death with knives and a meat cleaver.

The attack took place near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, South-East London.

Commenting on Adebowale’s proposed transfer, Lee Rigby’s mother Lynn said he should “serve his sentence here and not try to exploit the law for a cushier life.”