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Lefties want "Pro-Brexit" Dad’s Army cancelled


 This is all part of the left-wing agenda to strip countries of their national identity and culture. That's what the lefties do: strip a people of its cultural and historical references and impose their own "loving and tolerant" worldview upon their rootless hosts.

A television producer has said that the BBC should cancel repeats of classic British comedy Dad’s Army because it makes the broadcaster appear pro-Brexit and inspires pro-Leave sentiments in Britons.

Writing in the Radio Times, Daisy Goodwin, writer of the ITV drama Victoria, said that the late 1960s show was affecting Britons’ attitudes about Brexit, writing: “Forget Game of Thrones, Dad’s Army is the show that is embedded in this country’s imagination.”

“The world of Dad’s Army is a comforting place – it was reassuring during the mayhem of the three-day week and it’s soothing to those of us who worry about the effects of a No Deal Brexit,” she added in comments reported by  The Sun.

On her belief that the notoriously left-wing, anti-Brexit BBC is actually demonstrating a pro-Brexit bias by showing the programme, Ms Goodwin said: “If you really want to nail the BBC for influencing the nation’s state of mind about Brexit, you might look at how often Dad’s Army has been shown on BBC2.

“The BBC, if it wants to maintain its claim to impartiality, needs to retire the Home Guard (or send them on leave), because in the words of Private Frazer, ‘We are all doomed!'”

It's not enough to get Britain out of the EU - we need to get the EU out of Britain and remove the leftie nation-wreckers from evry institution in the land.