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Lib Dems: Let boys wear skirts to School


Lib Dems MP Layla Moran says schools should allow boys to wear skirts as part of an enforced gender neutral uniform policy following a similar law proposed in Wales last year.

Ms Moran told the Huffington Post that she decided to take up the cause after speaking to 15-year-old Lib Dem member Jess Insall. Jess told her she wanted to play football during breaks, but wasn’t allowed to wear trousers instead of a skirt.

She said the bill is not about the state telling people what to wear.

                         "We’re not trying to make everyone wear trousers for example, it’s actually about giving people more choice not less choice.”

“Would the boys want to wear the skirts? Maybe they would, and what’s wrong with that? I see nothing wrong with that whatsoever.”

She added that the move could also be helpful for transgender children who may not want to make an immediate switch between traditional male and female uniforms. They really have become the wack party, haven't they?