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David Dickason for Lincolnshire



David, a retired senior Police officer will contest the Police and Crime Commissioner election, standing against incumbent, Marc Jones.

English Democrats - “More Police, Catching Criminals!”

David Dickason said:- "Policing needs someone with an understanding of crime, anti-social behaviour and the necessity to deal with the fear of crime.

"Policing has eroded over the years and if elected I will represent the community in Lincolnshire and ensure that the priorities match the needs of the community.

"An English Democrats candidate means more police catching criminals.

"All unnecessary activities and expenditure will cease, all appointments will be based upon skill and merit, not ticking a box, I will be seeking a return to traditional community policing and high visibility.

"I believe it’s time for change and with the English Democrats that’s what I intend to deliver.

"If you vote based upon the fact that you support a particular party rather than examining the skill and ability of the candidates you will get what you’ve always had.

"I am retired and in a position to dedicate all my time to this important position, I do not have other employment to dilute the time I spend undertaking this role."

Robin Tilbrook the Party Chairman said: “The English Democrats Party will restore policing, more police catching criminals ,the major parties, have failed the English people time and time again

"David’s greatest strength is that he is not a professional politician, he is a competent individual, with extensive senior police management experience.

"Working alongside the Chief Constable and senior management team, David will ensure that Lincolnshire Police are delivering the service the community want to see, vote for David."

David is a retired Police Officer, with over twenty-five years’ experience in the British Transport Police (London); reaching the rank of Chief Inspector.

With the Home office he was involved in obtaining legislation within the Crime and Disorder Act and was an advisor on anti-social behaviour to the Home Office and numerous other bodies.

David was involved in many high level projects including safer transport interchanges in London.

He is a proven leader who made substantial reductions in crime and disorder during his service.

He has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences in the UK and abroad.

Following retirement David worked for a homeless charity, as Operations Director, a position he held for three and a half years until relocating to Lincolnshire.

He is very passionate about conservation and wildlife and has a specific interest in parrots, David is the Chair of trustees for the Parrot Society UK a registered charity which provides grants for conservation projects worldwide.

David was elected as a Wrangle parish Councillor in May 2023 and co-opted on to Old Leake Parish council in November 2023.

He recognises the need to change from the current political system to ensure we have a true representation for the community, rather than a commissioner driving political agendas.

David can make a real difference with a fresh pair of eyes from an experienced police manager, this is why David is standing in this election.

Vote Dickason on the 2nd May!