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London: Knife-wielding thugs target "whites"


A 16-strong mob wielding knives targeted a group of young athletes in London’s Finsbury Park, robbing and threatening to kill the three white people in the group but telling the black people with them “You’re good.”

The six victims, while walking home through the eponymous park, found “They were being tailed by one of [the gang] on a bike,” recalled Adrian Klemens, a coach at the Dynamic Sports Academy, in comments reported by the Islington Gazette.

“Then there were 16 of them. They circled them and picked one [of the victims] off to the side and said: ‘Give me your phone or I will stab you — put in your Apple Pay password’,” Klemens continued.

“Out of our group three were white and three were black and they said to the black guys: ‘You’re good,’ and just attacked the white guys.”

However, the victim did not know the password, as it was mother’s account, and after getting it wrong several times was warned: “If you get this wrong again you’re dead.”

Fortunately, he had the athleticism to make a dash for freedom, escaping the potentially murderous group. The other two white members of the group had their phones taken from them.

The victims were young, aged 17 to 22, and the one who had to run for his life is now too frightened to return to the academy.

“The kid who ran off said he’s scared to come now — they threatened to stab him,” explained Klemens.

The coach suggested that the forces of law and order have a weak to non-existent presence in Finsbury Park, located in a multicultural area best known for its links to radical Islam.

“I’ve been running that sports academy for 13 years and I’ve never seen police,” he said.

Curiously, the Islington Gazette provided no description of the suspects, despite the attack’s racially-charged overtones...SHOCKER!

Today, the English can't even walk safely through their own towns and cities, running the risk of being murdered simply because of their nationality and skin colour and yet we are the ones that are labelled racist!