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London: 22 Officers Injured During What Media Called a ‘Street Party’


A “hostile” crowd attacked London police with pieces of wood — and one apparently armed with a sword — after officers were called out to reports of violence at a “large” illegal gathering. The thugs then reportedly drove the unarmed officers off of Brixton’s lawless streets.

Scotland Yard confirmed on Thursday that they had responded to several calls from the public of the illegal event in Overton Road, including reports of “anti-social behaviour” and violence” in the Brixton streets. The unrest is believed to have begun on Wednesday afternoon and ran into the small hours of the following morning.

The Met said that officers attempted “to encourage the crowd” to disperse last evening, but “they did not engage with police”. Reinforcements arrived, and the group then became “hostile” towards police, leading to 22 officers being injured and police cars being damaged.

Video reports by Sky News showed a line of unarmed police retreating as rioters moved in on them with makeshift weapons on Cecilia Road, near the Angell Town housing estate. Thugs also threw bottles at officers.

“Don’t come round here bro … this is what we do,” another video reportedly shows one man saying to police as he chases them out of the area.

Four arrests were made for assault and public order offences.

Despite the violence, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour clearly seen in the footage, the media have characterised it in reporting as some kind of a “party”. Sky News reporter Mark White referred to the violent disorder as a “block party”, while his network later referred to it as a “street party”.

The London Evening Standard also referred to the riot as a “street party”, despite reporting that one ‘party-goer’ confronted police “with what appears to be a sword”.