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London: One Dead after Rampage Attack


In Khan's London, danger is always lurking. When police are afraid to impose law and order, your city is lost to its criminal elements.

One man has died after being handcuffed by police after attacking people at random and throwing himself in front of cars during this morning rush hour.  

The man thought to be age 37, attacked several people in Newham, east London at around 1.15am today.
The attacks started in Cundy Road before heading to Prince Regents Lane where he started throwing himself intentionally onto moving cars and confronting council workers.
Police confirmed the man ran towards the Excel Centre where he was held down by security guards who he started attacking and bit.
When police arrived, the man was put into handcuffs but soon became unresponsive, he was taken to hospital where he died a short time later after arriving.
A Met Police spokesman said: “A member of the Excel security staff was treated at hospital for bite injuries. No arrests have been made.
“Two forensic scenes are in place, at Prince Regents Lane and the Excel Centre. Road closures are in place. Enquiries into the full circumstances continue.
“As is routine, the Directorate of Professional Standards have been informed.”
It is not clear what sparked the attacks or why the man went on the rampage.