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Major Announcement: Graham Moore running for English Democrats


We are pleased to announce “Daddy Dragon” Graham Moore, one of England’s most well-known patriotic activists, will be running as The English Democrats to become MP of Bexleyheath & Crayford in the upcoming General Elections.

Even his Returning Officer pointed out he was the only Brexiteer and patriot standing!

Graham has been a fervent English patriot all his life and has been politically active for over two decades.

If you do not know who Graham Moore is, you are missing out!

His popular YouTube Channel has “red-pilled” millions of Englishmen and women and brought decent, hard-working English patriots into the movement.

Please get behind Graham Moore in his battle against the anti-democratic establishment forces. Let's all wish Graham all the best and happy hunting.

If you want to do donate to our General Election fighting fund: