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Three times as many migrants crossed Channel in 2021 compared to 2020


Three times as many migrants crossed the Channel by boat last year compared to 2020.

A record-breaking 28,381 people made the perilous journey in 2021 - dwarfing the 8,410 who made the same treacherous trip in 2020.

They came in at least 1,020 boats which were intercepted by UK authorities in the last 12 months. It means an average of 78 migrants arrived in three boats every day.

By far the busiest month came in November when a staggering 6,869 arrived in 201 boats.

That is more than any previous months since the small boat crisis in the Channel began.

It also saw the record day, when 1,185 migrants arrived in 33 boats on November 11, and the second record day, when 1,131 made the trip in 28 boats five days later.

December saw 1,770 make the treacherous trip in 57 boats - compared to 211 in December last year.

Double that figure arrived on December 16 alone - when 559 made the perilous journey in 19 boats.

And more arrived in the single days of December 17, 19 and 22 than in the entire month in 2020.

Despite the year starting off relatively quietly for Channel crossings, figures topped 1,000 for the first time in May when 1,619 arrived in 80 boats.

Warm weather in the summer saw more record-breaking months.

A total of 2,179 arrived in 92 boats in June, 3,509 came in 117 boats in July, 3,012 made the treacherous trip on 110 boats in August and a whopping 4,646 made the same journey in 159 boats in September.

October also saw 2,669 migrants arrive in 92 boats as calm conditions at sea continued.