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Man found not guilty of attempted hacking murder of Police officer


A man who carried out a vicious attack on a police officer with a machete has been found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent at the Old Bailey on Thursday, 23 January following a trial.

However, Muhammad Rowden, aged 56 was found not guilty of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon despite repeatedly hacking PC Stuart Outzen, aged 29 with a machete.

PC Outten and his colleague PC Helen Brooks, response officers in the North East area, were on a nightshift just after midnight on Thursday, 8 August, when they seen a white van in front of them in High Road, Leyton.

A licence plate check on the vehicle revealed the van did not have insurance so PC Outten who was driving the police van turned on the blue light and indicated the driver of the van to pull over.

The van, which was being driven by Muhammad Rodwan, pulled over and stopped. PC Brooks went over and asked him to join her on the pavement. However, he shouted abuse at PC Brooks and drove away.

The two officers pursued the vehicle and signalled Rodwan to pull over again and he did.

PC Brooks went towards the van to see an “agitated” Rodwan, PC Outten moved the police van and parked it in front of Rodwan’s van in a bid to prevent him from driving off again, this infuriated Rodwan who started getting into the drivers seat.

PC Outten told Rodwan that he would not be driving away and went to get a hold of his right arm to prevent him from making a further move to escape. Rodwan then lashed out punching PC Outten twice in the face.

The two struggled as PC Outten attempted to arrest and detain Rodwan for assaulting a police officer, he cautioned him and Rodwan continued to struggle before he started to hack at PC Outten with a machete.

Upon realising that had had been attacked with a 19inch blade, PC Outten shouted ‘machete, machete’ and retreated from the vehicle.

Amazingly despite his serious injuries, PC Outten was able to reach for his taser and discharge it, the first shot missed Rodwan. Despite being continuously hacked with the machete PC Outten was able to discharge a second shot this time hitting his attacker and bringing him to the floor.

In a statement by Met Police, the injuries PC Outten obtained during the attack are described,“PC Outten was taken to the Royal London Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. These included six deep wounds to the head with associated multiple fractures to the skull, and two wounds to the lower part of his right arm with multiple fractures of the fingers. Both groups of injuries required surgery and PC Outten is still attending rehabilitation.