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Weekly Roundup: A man is known…


Just as “a man is known by the company he keeps,” so a Cause can and should be judged by those who support or oppose it. And the Nato-created regime in Kiev is being noisily backed by every single one of the individuals and institutions which have been so busy over the last two years in the destruction of our liberties and the promotion of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ pandemic.


From promoting replacement immigration to the campaign against Brexit, from funding the racist Black Lives Matter operation and Antifa, the evil record and baneful influence of George Soros in particular is crystal clear to every sane and informed patriot.

There is little any of us can do as the fake news media beat the drums of war, but we can all at least tell our friends, families and colleagues the simple truth that THIS IS NOT ENGLAND’S WAR! If the political and media elite are so keening on fighting Russia, they should send their own sons and daughters, or volunteer themselves. And if Bros and Priti Patel have got tax money to spare to defend anyone’s border – how about starting with ours at Dover?!