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Manchester Uni Clamps Down on ‘Gendered’ Words Like Brother, Dad, Husband


Manchester University has become the latest in a long line of British educational institutions to try and impose woke language codes on students and staff.

“At Manchester, we embrace and celebrate difference and respect. We support each other to create an environment where everyone is able to reach their full potential,” the woke university’s so-called “inclusive language guide” pompously declares.


“The way we write about people can help to promote equality, diversity and inclusion,” it asserts.

To that end, everyday terms such as mum and dad, brother and sister, and husband and wife are discouraged, with bland, clinical alternatives like parent or guarding, sibling, and partner recommended in their place.

This obsession with wiping out “gendered” language is by no means unique to Manchester, with the University of Bristol crusading against terms like “mankind” and “manpower” and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance dropping ballet from auditions because it uses gendered language and is “built around white European ideas”.


The term elderly has also been banned in favour of “older people”.