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Shopkeepers brace for a month of looting and mayhem across London and Kent


Shopkeepers are braced for a week of social media-fueled looting and mayhem across parts of London and Kent next month.

A threat of chaos at nine specified locations has been viewed thousands of times by people on TikTok and has been flagged to The Metropolitan Police.

It has been posted by an account with a photograph of Tiktok idiot Mizzy and the account name 'Mizzywayoutsideinthedist'.

It is not known if Mizzy is behind the post but in recent days he has continued to post disturbing videos on Tiktok.

They include knocking on a woman's door and asking if he can take a shower and at a family home and asking if he can have a sleepover.

It comes just weeks after massive police resources were thrown at Bexleyheath in south east London after online rumours spread of carnage similar to that seen in Oxford Street being carried out there.

The last round of chaos at Oxford Street was traced back to a 15-year-old schoolboy who attends a well-respected school in Essex.

The latest alert, flagged to The Metropolitan Police, says: 'This is just a little message to all the Southeast London mandem shopping centres. We are going to be rioting these shopping centres.. start date is on the 4th September til 8th of September.'

Those highlighted are in south east London and Kent but Mail Online is not naming precise locations.

One shop owner in an area highlighted in the post said: 'We're very worried. It's mad. We just want to get on with our lives without these threats.

'It's terrible for business. It's scary.'

Another said: 'It's a nightmare. It has to be taken seriously because of the scenes on Oxford Street and how easily this sort of thing can get out of control.

'We have enough problems without these morons on Tiktok spreading fear.'

Huge groups of youths have gathered on Oxford Street in recent weeks after posts circulated online which urged users to rob JD sports under the tag 'Oxford Circus JD Robbery'.

Dramatic footage showed chaos erupt on Europe's busiest shopping street, with youngsters clashing with baton-wielding cops, with some being pinned to the floor or walls.

The Metropolitan Police said it was not in a position to comment on individual posts that appear on social media but said any information that comes to its attention will be assessed and acted on accordingly.