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McDonald’s stormed by youths who steal food and drink


Shocking footage shows a gang of around 50 youths storming into a McDonald’s in the UK before jumping the counter and stealing food.

The incident took place on Sunday at around 9pm at the McDonald’s store in Clumber Street, Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire Police say around seven people jumped the counter before stealing food and drinks.

Footage of the incident has since been posted on social media.

"It is completely unacceptable.”

Police also reportedly said that the same group were alleged to be outside the Milton Street McDonald’s at around 10pm, but a repeat of the incident didn't occur, according to the Nottingham Post.

The youths have been described as aged between 14 and 16, dressed in tracksuit bottom, hats and caps.

The force added: "No arrests have been made yet, but we will be working with the Clumber Street McDonald’s and carrying out CCTV inquiries to find those responsible.”

While a spokesperson for McDonald's said: “We’re aware of an incident that took place at our Clumber Street restaurant on Sunday night.

“We were shocked and appalled by the incident which has absolutely no place in our restaurants.

“The incident was reported to the police who attended the restaurant. We will continue to support the police with any further investigations."