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MEP Expresses Horror At Devon’s ‘Lack Of An Ethnic Mix’


If you thought the democratic party members in the US were crazy, they have nothing on our very own liberal democrats. Insulting your own constituents is never a good idea. However, Liberal Democrat MEP Caroline Voaden did exactly that on Twitter.

Replying to a Brexiteer who was baiting her over the composition of the Liberal Democrat welcoming committee for its newest addition, Sarah Wollaston, she exclaimed:

This was probably not a sensible outburst as Devon is well within the South West & Gibraltar region which she represents. You can’t help but agree with Gawain Towler, former UKIP Head of Press when he condemned the ‘vile racism’ on display by Vaoden:

This is just another example of the anti-native English racism of the political left. If we are brutally honest, it has ceased to become shocking when loonie lefties make these types of remarks.