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Migrant benefits threat if they refuse Bibby Stockholm bed


Migrants are being told they have a week to accept a bed on the Bibby Stockholm or they will lose their benefits, Government documents have revealed.

Home Office caseworkers were on Tuesday told they “must take steps” to cancel the support asylum seekers receive if they do not board the vessel moored in Portland, Dorset.

This will leave them without access to cash and free accommodation, Government guidance shows.

To date, 15 migrants have been evicted from hotels for refusing to travel to the Bibby Stockholm.

And those refusing to leave their hotel accommodation will be treated as “trespassers”.

Some 50 Channel migrants are currently staying on the Bibby Stockholm, with more expected to arrive this week.

Guidance sent to Home Office staff said: “If a supported person fails to take up the offer of accommodation on the vessel after the 5 working days, support will be discontinued, in line with a breach of conditions of support. The individual will no longer be able to access Home Office accommodation and will not be able to access subsistence (cash) support.

“The Home Office will take reasonable steps to notify them that their support has been discontinued.

“This notification will explain that their actions have resulted in them being unable to access support.

“Where an individual fails to travel to their accommodation, caseworkers must take steps to discontinue the support.”

Some 26,553 asylum seekers have crossed the Channel so far this year, down from almost 38,000 this time last year.