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Migrant crossings reach 22,000 for the year


There have been more than 22,000 migrant crossings this year, with at least 100 sailing across the Channel overnight Tuesday and 695 making the journey Wednesday. 

Home Office figures show that nearly 1,200 migrants have landed on the shores of the UK in two days, following a daily record of 853 migrants who sailed from northern France in 25 boats last Wednesday as they take advantage of calmer seas.

More than 22,300 migrants have crossed by boat this year - up from 8,400 last year. On Thursday morning, two boats containing around 50 migrants were brought into Dover Marina by the RNLI before dawn. Another 30 landed at 8.30am.  

On Wednesday, more than 500 migrants crossed the Channel by boat as Border Force were called to rescue 504 people in 16 incidents.

French authorities also stopped 307 migrants attempting the treacherous trip in eight boats. It was another busy day for search and rescue services with calm seas and good visibility across the 21-mile Dover Strait.