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Migrant plan FINALLY unveiled by France


Authorities on the continent have outlined how they intend to spend the money first promised by Home Secretary Priti Patel last year. Known as project "Termius", France is planning to create a network of nearly 40 high-tech CCTV cameras.

It is hoped the video will help to catch people smugglers via number plate recogition and quickly alert authorities to attempts to cross the Channel.

The cameras will cover more than 10 miles of coastline often used by migrants as the starting point to their journey.

The plans have been unveiled after January saw six times as many crossings compared to the same month in 2021.

Home Office statistics indicated 1,341 people crossed the Dover Strait in 46 boats.

The amount compares to 223 people making the treacherous journey in 15 boats in January last year.

France currently only managed to block about 40 percent of all migrant attempts to cross the Channel.

Beaches at Sangatte, Wissant, Ambleteuse and Audresselles will all be covered by the CCTV cameras.

Images will be viewed by police at a centralised location 70 miles away, with local security alerted to any suspicious activity.