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First migrants arrive in taxis at converted army barracks


The first migrants have arrived in taxis at an army barracks in Kent which has been converted into a 'dispersal facility'.

Around 20 migrants were brought to Napier Barracks in Folkestone on Tuesday where they could be housed for the up to a year.

A security guard opened the gates to the barracks and the saloon entered, closely followed by three dark unmarked taxis - two black Mercedes and one grey Volkswagen.

There did not appear to be any women among the group.

The taxis left the former military base only five minutes after entering, with final accommodation preparations being carried out until dark.  

Two more black Mercedes people carrier taxis sped into the barracks at 8.15pm carrying around 10 migrants. 

Staff put up green wire sheeting along the perimeter of the fencing to obscure the view inside.

The barracks has been turned into an 'assessment and dispersal facility' for around 400 people.

The asylum seekers are expected on a daily basis, according to Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

The Home Office is also planning to open a similar facility in the Penally Army centre near Tenby, Wales.

A multi-agency task force has been meeting to ensure appropriate support measures are in place at the barracks.