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2,100+ migrants have crossed the Channel this month alone


More than 2,100 migrants have made it across the English Channel in small boats so far this month, according to official figures. 

The Ministry of Defence have revealed that a total of 263 were intercepted on Tuesday in seven different incidents, taking the total so far in April to 2,143 in 58 small boats.

Strong weather conditions meant it was too rough to make the 21-mile crossing of the Dover Straits on Wednesday, although some boats are thought to have been picked up by French authorities.

The latest figures mean the total number of migrants to arrive so far this year is 6,693 in 204 boats. 

Some 1,425 of these have made it across since the Royal Navy took over control of migrant operations in the Channel on April 14.

A total of 28,526 migrants crossed the Channel in 2021 - significantly higher than the 8,410 who arrived in 2020.