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Number of migrants missing is HIGHER than thought


The Home Office has admitted that the number of missing migrants is even higher than they previously thought.

In a letter to MPs, ministers admitted to having lost track of 5,600 asylum claimants whose applications have been discontinued.

The letter, from migration ministers Tom Pursglove and Michael Tomlinson to Dame Diana Johnson, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, saw the Home Office admit it is trying to "urgently reestablish contact" with the missing asylum seekers.

The figures were published after officials said they did not know where 17,000 former claimants were.

Earlier this week, official documents revealed that only 4,200 people earmarked for deportation were in "regular contact" with Home Office.

But the latest admission from the Home Office shows that the figure is closer to 6,000.

Also this week it was revealed that the Home Office has hired an aircraft hangar and aeroplane fuselage so that security officials can practice forcibly removing migrants onto planes in preparation for Rwanda deportation flights.

As part of their training, staff will practice different scenarios that they are expected to encounter when they transport migrants onto planes bound for Rwanda.

They are expected to practice scenarios ranging from violent individuals to Extinction Rebellion style protests where individuals "play dead" - lying on the floor and refusing the move.

The Home Office estimates that five officers will be needed for each migrant removal.