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Globalists Repurpose Mosquitos for Vax Jabs


Not content with their transhumanist plans to create man-made cyborg 'supermen', the global elite are hard at work creating genetically modified mosquitos intended to deliver vaccines to humans - without even the possibility of consent or refusal.

The nightmare Bill Gates 'vision' is well advanced, and evidence already exists of shocking and dangerous abuses of this usurped power.

You will probably remember ZIKA, or at least the extensive media coverage of an outbreak of the mosquito-carried disease in Central South America. Well, here are some facts you WON'T have picked up from the mass media:

1) ZIKA normally produces symptoms such as a slight fever or conjunctivitis and sometimes joint pain, but typically so mild that the symptoms last for only a few days and most people don’t even know they have it. ZIKA is not contagious but is transmitted by mosquitoes, which means you must be bitten by an infected mosquito to contract it.

2) ZIKA was found in Africa and Micronesia, until it mysterious jumped the South Atlantic to emerge in South America. There was never any explanation for ZIKA’s sudden decision to travel more than 12,000 kilometers to abruptly appear in Brazil, nor for its ability to almost instantaneously infect countless millions of people in more than 20 countries covering nearly 20 million square kilometers. The official WHO version was that ZIKA was “believed to have been brought to Brazil by an infected visitor to the World Cup”, a statement that appeared superficially credible but which constituted logical rubbish. There was no way that one or a few infected travelers could have been bitten by hundreds of millions of local mosquitoes who in turn became infected and then spread over 20 million square kilometers in a month.

3) A UK company named Oxitec had been conducting “trans-genic” mosquito trials in all these areas immediately prior to the mass regional outbreak. The theory was to release billions of sterile mosquitoes which would mate with the local species and produce sterile offspring, thereby eradicating the local mosquito population. Oxitec’s “trials” all proved to have been failures, with no resultant reduction in local populations and with a frightening gene transfer from the trans-genic insects to the local species. Since ZIKA was not endemic to Brazil or indeed to South-Central America, it had to be introduced from somewhere, and on a massive scale. In light of all the evidence, the only possible conclusion was that Oxitec’s billions of mosquitoes were knowingly infected with the ZIKA virus prior to release in South America. No other conclusion is even slightly credible.

The entire thrust of the media fear-mongering was about the risk of a birth defect called microcephaly, which was played up to a simply ridiculous extent and blamed on the ZIKA virus. First, to put this into perspective, the number of microcephaly births in all of Latin America was around 2,000 in a total population of about 650 million.

But the main point is that these birth defects occurred almost 100% in the precise areas where spraying had been done with the insecticide pyroxiprophen (a “hormone disruptor”), on the powerful recommendation of the WHO (who else?). Further, these birth defects occurred immediately after the spraying and as much as two years prior to the outbreak of ZIKA. On the basis of all the evidence, any connection between ZIKA and microcephaly is fraudulent. 

Another Convenient Crisis

The 'crisis' was promptly seized upon by the Usual Elite Suspects an intense flood of carefully-organised media propaganda with an astonishing amount of fear-mongering about a small number of unrelated birth defects (microcephaly), leading to enormous pressure on Latin American governments to eliminate their anti-abortion legislation. This appears to have been the entire purpose of the media flood, and it was rather successful in that three countries capitulated.

The cynical exploitation of ZIKA continues. ZIKA didn’t disappear after South America; it moved to the US where it was busily engaged in Gain of Function research. Researchers at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in San Diego, recreated ZIKA in their labs and, using both cells and animals, tried to learn what would happen when Zika was repeatedly transmitted between different animal species as well as when repeatedly passed back and forth from mosquito cells to mice. The virus naturally experienced mutations during these procedures, which increased its ability to replicate, to perhaps bypass natural immunity, and to become rather dangerous to humans.

This danger to humans of course will require vaccinations, most especially if expecting mothers in the US and Europe can be frightened out of their wits with fears of microcephaly as was done so successfully in South America. This wouldn’t normally matter to us because ZIKA travelled from Polynesia only to South and Central America, and died there. ZIKA has never existed in North America, so we needn’t be concerned.

Well, we needn’t be concerned, except for the fact that Oxitec has already been conducting the same “trans-genic” mosquito trials in the US, beginning with Florida and California. And lo and behold, ZIKA has suddenly been detected in both Florida and California, where it will almost certainly exhibit the precise mutations discovered at the La Jolla Institute in San Diego. Thus, all pregnant women can become terrified of the prospect of their infants suffering from microcephaly and can all line up for yet another vaccine – which, coincidentally, is already in production and trials.

In early 2021, Oxitec had gained approval to release billions of its trans-genic mosquitoes in Florida and California. In an article dated May 14, 2021, the Scientific American told us that the “First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now”. They tell us further that “Oxitec overcame significant regulatory hurdles before getting the go-ahead from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2016 and then the Environmental Protection Agency in 2020. If the current pilot effort is successful, the firm is set to release as many as 20 million more males in the prime of Florida’s mosquito season later this year.” 

But this all goes far beyond ZIKA, or even COVID-19. It’s about something much more sinister: It is about universal worldwide vaccinations.

In 2008 the Gates Foundation arranged with Professor Hiroyuki Matsuoka of Jichi Medical University in Japan to manufacture a revolutionary type of GM mosquito. Through artificial genetic alterations, instead of infecting victims with yellow fever or malaria, the insects would instead be made capable of administering vaccines – as for COVID-19. Gates initially paid Professor Hiroyuki $100,000 to begin this process, and offered $1,000,000 to any technician successful in creating what he called “flying syringes”. Gates planned on mass-producing these gene-therapy mosquitoes and distributing them worldwide.

“We are producing a transgenic mosquito, a flying syringe, to deliver a vaccine protein to human beings via the saliva the mosquito deposits in the skin while biting. The mosquito produces a vaccine protein in the salivary gland and deposits the protein into the host’s skin when it takes the host’s blood. We allowed the CSP-expressing mosquitoes to feed on mice to induce the production of anti-CSP antibody . . . Further techniques and trials are required in order to realize vaccine-delivering mosquitoes.”

Initial results were unsatisfactory, but in a report on the Japanese study published in the April 2015 issue of Insect Molecular Biology, the researchers added an antigen – a compound that triggers an immune response – to the protein mix in the prototype mosquito’s saliva, and apparently produced the desired results, that the mosquitoes carrying the desired item (such as a spike protein) would indeed release it into the victim while drawing blood, much as they might infect a person with ZIKA or malaria. According to the report in Insect Molecular Biology, mice bitten by Hiroyuki’s mosquitoes did indeed produce the desired antibodies in the victims. Science Now reported the same successes.

They ran articles on this until 2015, then suddenly all the references disappeared. The Press Release by Shigeto Yoshida from the Jichi Medical University in Japan, that boasted of ‘success’, has been deleted from the Internet, and the published reports up to 2020 and 2021 are now either deleted (“It seems you’re in search of a page that doesn’t exist”), or “Access Forbidden”. The studies published in Insect Molecular Biology and in Science Now, are unavailable. A wall of secrecy has been built around this entire topic. 

Who is behind all this?

A tight-knit elite network which includes the Rockefeller Institute, Bill Gates and his foundation, the WHO, the World Bank, USAID and UNICEF. The Rothschilds and their Sanofi hydra, Big Pharma and a list of private bio-tech companies, and secondary suppliers like Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta. But the same group also includes a short list of private investment and financing companies, as well as the World Economic Forum and, Surprise! the US and UK bio-weapons labs, plus the CIA. They are all in this together and it is a far-ranging enterprise indeed, all directed from a central source and all following the same agenda.

Oxitec, originally Oxford Insect Technologies, was founded in 2002 by Luke Alphey, David Kelly and Paul Coleman. The three founders are no longer associated with Oxitec. Alphey is now at the Pirbright Institute, one of the UK’s two infamous biological weapons laboratories, where he works on “the emerging field of genetic pest management, focusing particularly on mosquitoes”.

 You would have to be very naïve to believe that the UK’s Pirbright Institute is working on “pest management”. You may be interested to know that Professor Alphey was selected as a “Technology Pioneer” by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum in 2008, Oxitec also being heavily praised by that same group. Both Professor Alphey and Pirbright have a long history of weaponising insects and producing viral bio-weapons. Bulgarian researcher Dilyana Gaytandzhieva documented bird and insect infections in Ukraine, which would almost certainly have had participation from the UK at either Pirbright or Porton Down.

It is more than interesting that this same group obtained in 2015 US patent number 8,967,029 B1 “Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System,” whose purpose is to “disperse infected mosquitos as a military weapon”.

The Pirbright Institute was an attendee and participant at Event 201, the high-level pandemic exercise that described the outbreak of COVID-19 in China as it was actually developing in the dark. One of the reasons for Pirbright’s attendance is that this bio-weapons “Institute” holds many of the patents on COVID-19.

Oxitec (our mosquito people) was named a World Economic Forum technology pioneer in 2008 and has been recognised by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ‘Grand Challenges for Global Health Initiative’. It was purchased by US-based Precigen and is now owned by Third Security, who also owns 40% of Precigen. Third Security is a kind of hedge fund with only 41 clients but more than $1 billion in assets under management, these assets being the same biotechnology companies as above. This company, and several like it, are funding agencies that gather money from the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations and the Rothschilds.

We The People are going to need a mighty big fly-swat to squish these blood-sucking parasites!