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MP's Vow to Vote Down May’s Deal


MP's are set to vote against Theresa May's modified Brexit bill following her announcement that a new vote will take place next month on June the 3rd.

A Guardian report which cites the DUP’s Nigel Dodds who said it was “highly likely” it would be defeated.

It also quoted key Tory rebel Brexiteer Own Paterson, who said the vote coming back didn’t change any of the reasons for it being defeated the last three times, and in his view still didn’t deliver the Brexit the British people asked for.

The timing is conspicuous, as the vote will come shortly after the European Union elections, in which her Conservative Party is predicted to receive an absolute drubbing at the hands of a Brexit party which clearly campaigns on a policy of taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal at all, a so-called hard Brexit.

The Brexit Party is polling in first place, despite being less than two months old.

Perhaps even more remarkably, the vote is said to be coming the same week as the state visit to the United Kingdom of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has said on several occasions that he would support Britain leaving the EU without a deal as it could allow the two nations to enter into a significant new trade deal.

Now working with the hard-left opposition Labour party which her government once criticised as unfit to govern to get enough votes to pass her deal, talks between the two parties continued Wednesday.

Labour sounded pessimistic about the chances that a deal could be struck. The party said in a statement Tuesday night that Corbyn expressed concerns to May “about the prime minister’s ability to deliver on any compromise agreement.”

May has said she will resign once a Brexit deal is approved but Conservative MP's are pressing her to be more specific and to name a date for her departure.