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MPs handed inflation-busting pay rise to almost £82,000 a year - But will they even work for it?


MPs have been handed an inflation-busting pay rise which will see their annual salary soar to almost £82,000, and yet, under newly released Corona virus fighting plans, the Palace of Westminster could close for the Easter recess and not re-open again until after the summer.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) announced their wages would go up from £79,468 to £81,932 - an increase of 3.1%.

The pay rise will be given automatically following the expenses body's recommendation and MPs will not need to vote on the change.

The IPSA has also increased MPs' staffing budget by £19.7m following a campaign to secure their employees a pay rise.

It means each of the 650 MPs will recieve a budget increase of 13.1% (£21,900) for staff in London, and 13.9% (21,600) for staff based in the rest of the country.

Meanwhile, Downing Street confirmed that it is in talks with parliamentary authorities about a plan of action if the Corona outbtreak continues to get worse - One source said: "We’ve got 650 people who spend half the week spread across the country meeting their constituents and the other half rubbing up against one another in Westminster. It’s 650 superspreaders."

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: "Discussions are already taking place with parliamentary authorities and scientific and medical advisers.

"I'm sure Parliament will be led by the advice of the experts in terms of taking the steps it needs in order to protect the people who work there."