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Just 0.3 Per Cent of Boat Migrants Arrested Under UK’s New Border Control Laws


Despite reportedly being aimed at reducing the number of illegals coming to Britain, only 0.3 per cent of boat migrants have been arrested under the country’s new border control laws passed earlier this year.


Less than 100 people have been arrested for breaking rules set out in Britain’s Nationality and Borders Act, with the BBC reporting on Monday that overall, only 0.3 per cent of boat migrants who have crossed the English Channel have been arrested under the new border control bill since it became law.

To make matters even worse, out of this number, only around 78 people were charged with a crime under the bill, with just 56 actually having been convicted of wrongdoing so far.

Talking to the broadcaster, a spokesman from the Home Office emphasised that an additional 180 people have been arrested since the summer on suspicion of breaking immigration laws unrelated to the new bill, though this figure is also a fraction of the over 40,000 migrants who have crossed into Britain via the English Channel alone this year.