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New Highway Code Exposes Tory Lurch to the Left


This page from the new Highway Code gives a graphic glimpse into the extent to which the supposedly Conservative government has been hijacked by left-green fanatics. Alongside tax hikes and the deliberate destruction of electricity generating capacity in the lunatic ‘war on carbon’, the crackpots running Number 10 under PM Carrie Johnson have just imposed a ‘cyclists rule’ policy on our roads.

From now on, cyclists are encouraged to hog the road by riding two abreast. They are also told that they don’t even have to use the traffic-clogging cycle lanes which have been installed in many towns and cities under cover of lockdowns. Most dangerous of all, cars turning left off main roads will now have to give way to cyclists who undercut them.

Unfortunately drivers are also now obliged to stop with their rear ends stick into main roads as they must give way to pedestrians crossing on corners. It’s a recipe for a surge in accidents which could only be dreamt up by people out of all touch with reality – or by those who see accidents, and the deaths of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike, as a small price to pay to advance their long-term war on private car ownership as part of the Great Reset.