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NHS staff to get BLM training as part of new diversity courses


Training on Black Lives Matter (BLM) is reportedly being offered to NHS England staff as part of a series of new diversity courses.

Training covering 'white privilege', 'unconscious bias' and 'authentic allyship' have reportedly been put up on NHS People website - an online learning portal for the health service's staff.

One of the internal courses being offered is on the history, guiding principals and messages of Black Lives Matter.

Though the training is primarily about the wider BLM movement, the course contains a link to an interview with one of the founders of the controversial Black Lives Matter group.

One of the group's founders, Patrisse Cullors - who has since quit - previously described herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as 'trained Marxists'.

The group has also described one of its key objectives as being to 'defund the police'.

It comes just weeks after Health Secretary Sajid Javid told MPs he would be 'watchful for any waste or wokery' from the NHS.

So if this isn't the NHS wasting money on woke causes, what is?!