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Over-stretched NHS staff targeted by TRAFFIC WARDENS during Covid-19 outbreak


Since when were traffic wardens classed as key workers? Disgracefully, even since the Government ordered the UK workforce to work from home with only key workers being allowed to carry on as usual, traffic wardens have been on-duty, ticketing NHS staff car-parks.

Nurse Debbie Mina tweeted: “Thank you so much Westminster Council for all your support toward us NHS staff #NOT.

“To the most immoral, unsympathetic traffic warden, no compassion during this awful epidemic COVID19.”

Westminster Council has said NHS employees are entitled to explain their individual situations and be let off tickets.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council said traffic wardens still need to be out and about to ensure emergency workers can get through the streets and key workers are able to get their on-street parking.

Since numerous videos appeared on social media in the week, showing NHS workers' cars being slapped with a parking charge notice, Haringey Council in North London has suspended any parking enforcements during the coronavirus pandemic.

Camden Council have also now said that they have scaled back their parking enforcements for the crisis.

Westminster Council have not responded to questions as to why their traffic wardens are still working.