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After two years of using Covid as the excuse to rob us blind, steal our freedoms and impose crushing fuel poverty, the global elite have found a new excuse for their Great Reset agenda - the bloody war in Ukraine that they have done so much to provoke.

They should be pushing for a negotiated end to the tragedy in Ukraine. But instead they see it as the perfect excuse to send energy, fuel and food prices sky high. The real target of sanctions isn't Putin - it's us!

Their next step will be to directly advance their depopulation agenda by sending our best and bravest to die in yet another one of their 'dodgy dossier' wars. First the regular army, and then through conscription - this time including young women as well as our lads.

Please help to expose and resist the latest global elite plot against humanity. Sign the petition and forward it as widely as possible.

Because, together, we can make a stand for peace and freedom!

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