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No Jail for Anti-White Racists


Raja Malik and Mohammed Nawaz escaped time in prison despite committing an anti-white racist assault against a council worker who confronted their group for littering.

West Midlands Police said that a local council worker witnessed a woman flicking a cigarette from a car window on August 12th in the Kates Hill area of Dudley.

As the council worker attempted to issue a fine for littering, Raja Malik emerged from a nearby house, arguing that “everyone chucks cigarette butts… I’ve done it” before shouting anti-white racist abuse at him.

“You call police and I’ll fucking take your head off,” he threatened, in footage released by West Midlands Police.

Then specifically targeting the litter officer for his race, the assailant screamed: “Get the fuck off my property you white mother fucker!”

Mohammed Nawaz then joined in, attacking the council worker with a mop handle. The attack was so violent that it shattered the mop handle into pieces upon making an impact with the victim’s body.

Nawaz was charged with assault and using an offensive weapon and Malik was charged with assault and racially aggravated assault.

The pair both pled guilty to their offences on Thursday, May 27th at the Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Yet the two thugs both avoided any time behind bars, merely receiving short suspended sentences. Malik was handed a nine-month sentence, suspended for two years and Nawaz was given a six-month sentence, suspended for one year.

Malik and Nawaz were both ordered to pay the council worker £500 in compensation for their attack. Police said that the victim of the attack suffered bruising from the assault but was thankfully not seriously injured.

Dudley Police Inspector Pete Sandhu said: “This was a really shocking incident, a violent attack and racist abuse against a council contractor who was simply doing his job.

“The women who’d been seen littering remained calm, engaged with the officer and urged the two men not to get involved.

“But they ignored their pleas, threatened the victim and Nawaz shattered a wooden pole over him as he tried to retreat.

“There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behaviour and the two men should be ashamed of their actions.”

He did not indicate that he was dissatisfied with the court’s failure to actual imprison the violent criminals