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Prosecutors Will No Longer Prosecute Illegal Migrants


A new deal between prosecutors, police, border agents, the National Crime Agency (NCA), and the Home Office will see prosecutions for illegal entry largely abandoned, except possibly in cases involving people who have previously been deported.

“Asylum seekers often have no choice in how they travel and face exploitation by organised crime groups,” the CPS claimed in a statement.

“The guidance therefore advises that passengers of boats and other vehicles should not be prosecuted unless they are repeat offenders or have previously been deported — and should instead be dealt with by administrative removal channels,” it added.

The Crown Prosecution Service’s stance that illegal aliens will “usually be better dealt with by removal” runs contrary to the fact that the government’s record on deportations is extremely poor and getting worse, with the number of even convicted foreign national offenders being removed from the country having collapsed by some 79 per cent.

On illegal migrants who have been crossing the English Channel from France and, more rarely, the Low Countries, on small boats, in particular, the government’s record has been similarly abysmal, with Corporate Watch claiming that just 136 out of many thousands had been removed during what was supposed to be a major deportation effort in the months leading to Brexit at the end of December 2020.

Border Force never turns back migrant boats, and indeed has been observed receiving migrants from the French authorities after they have escorted them through their waters. In one case Border Force was even accused of venturing into French waters to collect boat migrants and bring them to English shores.

Indeed, the fact that most illegal migrants benefit from this Border Force “taxi” service means that few of the migrants breaking into England would be eligible for prosecution at present even if prosecutors had a mind to uphold the law, because they do not technically count as having arrived illegally due to border agents having assisted them to shore.