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Non-EU migrant visas reach record high


The number of visas issued to migrants from outside of the EU reached a record in 2021 as the first year of the UK's post-Brexit rules led to a more liberal immigration system, the Times has revealed.

Home Office figures show that 843,538 non-EU migrants were granted visas to live, work and study in Britain last year. The number stood at just over 450,000 in 2020.

The figure is a 107,000 increase when compared to 2019.

It appears the surge was partially fuelled by a large number of student visas, which totalled 416,250.

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK, told the Times: “The inflow from overseas is now huge and rising.

"We are seeing the opposite of what the Government promised in 2019.

"Rules were meant to be tighter with numbers coming down.

"Immigration is now running out of control as longer-term entries skyrocket.

"Meanwhile, asylum claims from anyone who can make it to UK shores are exploding. The public were duped."