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The North Face goes woke, bribing customers


Fans of outdoor clothing brand The North Face can get a voucher for more than 20% off at the retailer - but only if they can pass a woke 'racial inclusion' course.

Those hoping to get a handy discount off their new puffer jackets or woolly jumpers from the company beloved by Gen Z will be required to correctly answer multiple-choice questions in the quiz titled 'ALLYSHIP IN THE OUTDOORS: A digital course about racial inclusion and allyship created by The North Face'.

The hour-long programme claims to be 'designed to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that people of colour face when accessing the outdoors'.

The first module titled 'Diversity and the Outdoors: Where are we Now?' says the 'dial moved further in June 2020 when George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis' and that this event 'fostered a new awakening in the outdoors that racial inclusion and representation matters'.

Later modules include topics such as 'white privilege' while one asks: 'How many people of colour do you see on the slopes, on the hills or on the trails?'

Another segment argues that 'privilege can give us access to the outdoors', The Sun reports.

It adds: 'In this context, we refer to "white privilege" meaning that your race and skin colour can give you access to the outdoors when others can be excluded because of historic, enduring racism and biases.'

The programme even urges participants to file formal complaints to their bosses if their colleagues brand them 'woke'.

At the end of all this, fans can finally claim their 20% off voucher!