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Why are we suffering? It’s Not OUR war!


The Russian gas supply was cut off by Western sanctions, not by Russia. Then the Nordstream pipelines were blown up. As the situation deteriorates, energy and food are becoming expensive and scarce.

How do we unwind the situation? We have foolishly taken sides in a conflict that does not concern us, and we supported Ukraine, despite Kiev’s 8 years of terror against the Russian-speaking minority.

As the mass Ukraine psyop went into full swing, people were wrongly informed and made to feel there was no alternative to supporting Ukraine and opposing Russia. Ukrainian flags were seen everywhere. No politician from any party dared go public opposing the notion that there was only one side that could be taken…………..apart from one.

Robin Tilbrook, leader of The English Democrats opposed Britain’s taking sides in the Ukrainian conflict since it started with the Maidan coup in 2014. Russia is trying to save the lives of the Russian people trapped in Ukraine by the coup. As always there are two sides.

Robin asks, just how far does the Westminster elite intend to go on behalf of Ukraine?
Britain is funding, arming, supplying intelligence and in some cases commanding Ukrainian forces, prolonging the agony and causing thousands of extra casualties on both sides.

Boris Johnson flew twice to Kiev to stop Zelensky negotiating a peace with Russia. Truss is equally keen on war, stating her willingness to launch nuclear missiles. Things are escalating beyond all reason and causing serious dislocation as well as loss of life. It’s time to stand for peace.

Britain needs politicians and a party that will oppose this war. The sanctions must be lifted. It’s time for people to give full support to the English Democrats’ campaign to bring the war to an end via negotiation. To reconnect to cheap energy supplies, save taxes, and save lives.

Don't sacrifice our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in someone else's war, or in any war.