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UK Could See Over One Million Migrants This Year, Report Claims


More than one million migrants could end up arriving in Britain this year, a report on Friday has claimed.

Experts reportedly expect that there could be over one million migrants landing in Britain this year, a report by The Telegraph has revealed.

The paper had formerly put the maximum net migration figure for 2023 at somewhere in the region of 675,000 thousand ahead of official statistics set to be released by the UK government in the coming weeks.

However, the publication has since revised the figures upwards, with another set of experts now predicting a net migration figure as high as 997,000, with gross migration numbers set to be higher than that still.

“If emigration has reverted to pre-pandemic and pre-Brexit patterns, we could see net migration hit the one million mark,” Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) researcher Karl Williams remarked, adding that while such a number would “be at the very top end” of their estimates, it was “by no means an implausible figure”.

Mass migration into Britain is likely to continue unimpeded, with the Sunak administration regularly making deals with foreign countries such as India to bring in even more migrants.

Some officials, such as globalist chancellor Jeremy Hunt, have even had the gall to suggest that such mass migration — which is now magnitudes higher than it was pre-Brexit — is not a betrayal of the people’s vote to leave the EU.