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It is time we the English stood up for OUR people, OUR Country and demanded that OUR voice be heard!


We ask for no more than what the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish already HAVE!   Surely in these days of so called ‘Equality’ it is most unfair that only the English have no lenitive assembly nor have any form of ‘proportional representation like Scotland, NI and Wales.

It seems incredulous that these other countries have that which we are deprived of despite the reality that WE the English pay for them.

If you fell like me that such a situation is grossly unfair then help me and the English Democrat Party to CHANGE IT! We are well established and very experienced in campaigning and have fought scores of elections, wining more than any other English Nationalist party.

We are the ONLY show in town so why not help us to build a New England, an England that our Children can enjoy as we once did. The rot has got to STOP!, and we must cut it out by the roots if our beloved England is to survive another decade.

I am asking you today to help build the party into an election fighting war machine. England is dying in front of our eyes and I for one will NOT stand by and allow it. ARE YOU WITH ME?

You can give your GIFT FOR ENGLAND donation HERE


You can visit our shop as your purchases will directly help us to finance campaigns:

Whatever you do, do NOT ignore this message, if YOU do nothing then who will? Together we can, we must stand together to raise the Cross of St George over this land and proclaim ENGLAND FOR THE ENGLISH! Are you with me?