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Liverpool Labour politicians get 51 parking tickets cancelled


Liverpool City Council has been blasted amid claims politicians used back door routes to have parking tickets thrown out following the results of a damning probe. 

The data was uncovered following a Freedom of Information request by the Liverpool Echo newspaper, which revealed dozens of penalty charges notices had been challenged and scrapped by current and ex-Labour councillors between April 2015 and December 2020. 

Among those highlighted in the investigation included former mayor Joe Anderson, an ex-deputy mayor and the current chairman of the city's powerful finance committee. 

The probe shows the vast majority of the 51 tickets were overturned based on the 'discretion' of council officers, while one was written off after a time delay. 

Labour insisted there was a 'custom and practice' in the council at the time where parking tickets issued against elected members in the course of their duties could be rescinded and that councillors operated on that basis in 'good faith'.

Top of the list of councillors with the most parking tickets rescinded was former deputy mayor Ann O'Byrne, who had 17 wiped out. 

Former cabinet members Barry Kushner and Nick Small saw seven and four tickets thrown out respectively. Ex-deputy lord mayor Malcolm Kennedy also had four tickets rescinded.

Former mayor Joe Anderson had two parking tickets cancelled by officers in that same period while long-serving Labour councillor Gerard Woodhouse had five tickets rescinded. All have denied wrongdoing.

The other politicians named in the parking ticket probe include two former Labour councillors who left the party last year to join the Liverpool Community Independents group.

Anna Rothery had one ticket rescinded while Joanne Calvert had three quashed. Both have provided explanations and denied any wrongdoing.

Joann Kushner saw three tickets quashed, while current Labour councillors Wendy Simon, Sharon Connor, Lynnie Hinnigan, Joe Hanson and former councillor James Noakes are all listed as having one ticket axed. All have denied wrongdoing.

In Liverpool, those who receive a parking fine are charged either £70 or £50 depending on the offence and must pay the fine within 28 days of the penalty charge notice being issued.

The fine is reduced by 50 per cent for those who pay within 14 days. People seeking to challenge the penalty charge must do so within 28 days of receiving the fine.