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Mysterious passport stamps accidentally 'let migrants stay in UK'


A shocking border force gaffe may have opened the door for thousands of foreign nationals to stay in Britain permanently.

Astonishingly, the Home Office doesn't know how many passport stamps allowing immigrants to stay indefinitely have been awarded.

One Home Office insider branded the situation a "total farce" and admitted the mistake may have been made "thousands of times".

The blunder came to light after an Albanian migrant was given the stamp in his passport, after being examined by UK Border Force in 2020. What followed so a lengthy legal fight, which eventually found the man's right to be in the UK invalid.

Of course, there could be thousands more such examples of migrants being falsely given the passport stamp which tells them they have been "admitted to the UK" under European regulations.

A Home Office spokesman said: "Border Force's number one priority is to keep our borders safe and secure, and we will never compromise on this.

"It is longstanding government policy that we do not comment on operational matters."