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Woke madness: Doctors forced to tick 'penis or vagina' form


Medics are being forced to tick whether patients have a “penis or vagina” on a new NHS medical form.

Doctors at some hospitals must complete the “nonsensical” documents as part of a new £450million IT system.

The “sexual orientation and gender identity form” is part of an individual’s Electronic Patient Record, which asks for information about someone’s gender identity.

Information required includes sexual orientation, gender, sex assigned at birth, preferred pronouns, if they have transitioned, to what extent, and what future plans they have, if any, to change gender.

The medics must ask people for their “organ inventory” to satisfy the new IT system, even if it is not related to the treatment the patient is receiving.

Staff must note down “organs the patient currently has”, “organs present at birth”, “organs surgically enhanced or constructed” and “organs hormonally enhanced”.

On the documents, there is a list of organs, including penises and vaginas, which the doctors must tick to state what the patient has.

Some staff have slammed the new medical form as “insane” and “pretty bizarre”, according to The Telegraph.

One doctor stated: “It is nonsensical what they have written.”

The forms automatically assign a patient as cisgender – someone who identifies with the sex they were born with – and doctors must change this if it is not the case.

“People are automatically cisgender unless they are classed as trans, even though most people in a hospital wouldn’t know what that means, let alone being classified as something,” a staff member said.

The new £450million electronic health record technology, Epic, is a US-made system.

It was rolled out at King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital last month.

It is also being used by Frimley Health NHS Trust, south London, and Maudsley NHS Trust and various other hospitals across London and England.

Many patients and taxpayers are unaware of how much it costs, The Telegraph claims.

“The issue is that it is integrated into a multi-million-pound electronic patient record system on the NHS but people don’t know about it,” a staff member said.

It is the same system that instructed staff to record newborn babies’ “gender identities” as opposed to their sex in records.

Midwives at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London can only select the baby’s gender, rather than sex, when filling out forms about the newborn.

Hospital bosses were quick to apologise about the new £450million IT system, which they admitted had “unfortunate language”.

They said that the “error is being rectified” and vowed to revert to the original system.