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Petition: Say NO to Hijab for English School girls!




National petition to stop English schoolgirls being COERSED into wearing Hijabs for World Hijab Day…

English schoolgirls in Lincolnshire are being ‘ASKED’ to wear a HIJAB as part of World Hijab Day. The organisers said they hope the programme will eventually be rolled out in high schools NATIONWIDE.

England is becoming an Islamic country before our very eyes!

Muslims are only 5% of the England’s population yet they act as if they are the majority. Soon it will become compulsory for English women and girls to wear the Hijab.

It is time for English patriots to take a stand and say: No More!

If we do not take a stand on behalf of our daughters TODAY, their future will be one of SUBJAGATION and PERSECUTION. England is our country. Newcomers should assimilate to our values and ways; we should not be forced to comply to theirs.

Sign our NATIONAL PETITION and demand this program is scrapped IMMEDIATELY. The Islamification of England will continue unless decent, hard-working Patriots take a stand in defence of our daughters!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman - The English Democrats