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Piers Morgan slams MP David Lammy for spreading “fake news”


Piers Morgan has slammed Tottenham MP David Lammy, calling his tone “the most extreme & emotive of any Parliamentarian”.

The interaction between the pair started on Twitter when Mr Lammy posted a Tweet saying: “The dangerous language of collusion collaboration and surrender continues unabated. This No 10 stokes division like no other before it.”

Piers Morgan responded to this catching Mr Lammy out for hypocrisy, Mr Morgan said: “Hi David, was it equally divisive when you accused Brexiters of surrender, in a House of Commons speech?”

The pair traded tweets back and forth with Mr. Morgan slamming the Labour loudmouth: “You find everything you disagree with ‘sick’. Your language is the most extreme & emotive of any Parliamentarian, which given the competition from many of your Labour colleagues is quite something. Try cooling your own rhetorical jets, Mr Lammy, before lecturing everyone else.”

It was not the first Twitter war Lammy was in involved in this week.

Lammy targeted an unknown English patriot (his account has not been deleted) attacking his English identity by invoking the cheddar man hoax. Watch English patriotic Youtuber Laura Towler's response to Lammy's fake news tweet.