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EU h&s rules target playground SWINGS


English parks could have their swing sets removed as a result of European Union health and safety rules.

The legislation was adopted by the UK after Brexit. But former cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg dubbed the regulations "pettifogging", criticising the Government for failing to sweep them away following out exit from the European Union.

The EU imposed strict regulations on playground safety, dictating how manufacturers were allowed to design and install the swings.

It is now sparking concern that parks across the country could see their swings removed as a result of noncompliance with the rules.

This came after a swing set in the Jubilee public playground in Beer, Devon, was demolished by East Devon district council as a result of the legislation.

It was replaced with a pirate play area - which does not include a swing - as part of a £400,000 revamp of five parks in the region.

The Lib Dem councillor in the area who is responsible for parks, Geoff Jung, said: "At Beer, there is a pirate-themed area with a slide and a ship climbing frame – although it wasn’t possible to include a swing (due to the space required, through the European Standards), we’ve selected the designs that provide the most play value, and that reduce environmental impact through recycled materials."