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LGBTQ News: Ploughman's lunch cancelled!


The ploughman’s lunch has been cancelled after a pub rebranded the meal "ploughperson's".

The Tors pub in Belstone, Devon, now offers the traditionally cold dish, which consists of cheese, ham, pickled onions, chutney and sourdough bread, for £12.50.


In a now-deleted tweet, the updated menu, complete with the ploughperson’s was posted by Charlotte Deakins.

Dicky Harrison, the landlord of the pub later claimed: “The menu item was just meant as a bit of tongue in cheek. We live in a farming community with amazing women and men farming the land.

“It's just a bit of fun and a nod to the amazing ladies who work the land here. I didn't think it would cause offence, but in reality, women plough too.”