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Police Investigate ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ Signs


Police in Scotland are investigating a possible “hate speech” crime after signs appeared throughout Perth reading: “It’s okay to be white.”

Dozens of signs with the phrase “it’s okay to be white” were anonymously plastered on drainpipes and streetlights in the city of Perth,  drawing criticism from a local anti-racism group and prompting Police Scotland to investigate.

“Although no complaint has been made to police regarding these posters, they have been brought to our attention and officers are currently looking into the matter,” a police spokesman told the Scottish newspaper The Courier.

The signs drew condemnation from John Swinney, a member of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Deputy First Minister of the Scottish Government — roughly equivalent to a state government in the United States.

“This is atrocious and has no place in Perth or any other part of our country. We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material”, Swinney declared.

Peter Barrett, a Perth councillor, said: “This is despicable hate speech. It is covert racism disguising white supremacist views. People should be in no doubt this is no innocuous joke.”

“It is the thin end of the wedge and an attempt by racists to get their foot in the door. I don’t want a white supremacist racist campaign to be imported from the U.S. on to the streets of Perth,” he added.

Local anti-racism activists were quick to denounce the “it’s okay to be white” signs.

“This is worrying, we find it disturbing and we’ve contacted the police. They have been very clever not to use any racial slurs, but the connotation is there,” a spokesman from Perth Against Racism claimed.

If white was replaced with Black, Muslim, Gay or Transgender would anybody really make a fuss?