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Police investigate Labour electoral fraud


Police are investigating allegations of electoral fraud during the Peterborough by-election, after English Democrats  chairman Robin Tilbrook challenged the outcome of the election. 


Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed that one allegation relates to bribery and corruption, three to postal vote fraud, and one breach of privacy of votes.

According to the Peterborough Telegraph  one investigation involves “a message shared on social media allegedly showing someone bragging that he and two others had ‘burned more than 1,000 votes for the Brexit Party’”.

There are also questions surrounding a Labour activist Tariq Mahmood who was jailed in 2008 for postal vote interference.

The Peterborough Telegraph reports that Mahmood was pictured during the campaign with both Labour candidate Lisa Forbes and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — and was also present at the election count.

But it adds that Labour denies any wrongdoing.

However, Labour has categorically denied that Mr Mahmood had any involvement in the campaign, with a spokesman saying: “Peterborough council, who organises the count, always announce the results in a public area of the venue. There were hundreds of people there. The Labour Party had 19 official guests who were allowed into the restricted areas. He was not one of them.”

Corbyn's Labour party have absolutely no shame. For them, it is win at all costs. Keep the borders open, importing new voters and to destroy our once proud nation.