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Poll Reveals 71% Back Annual Migrant Cap


Voters across all party allegiances, views on Brexit, and age profiles think there should be an annual cap on the number of migrant arrivals to the country after a Brexit, a new poll has found.

A majority of voters in the United Kingdom support what amounts to a radical re-think on immigration control, agreeing to changes to the present system that go well beyond anything on offer from the mainstream political parties.

Some seven in ten — or 71 per cent — of those asked in new Deltapoll research said they supported controlling the number of migrant worker arrivals.

Perhaps most significantly, the results of the poll show overwhelming support for the policy over almost every demographic. Supporters of all the main political parties — including the enthusiastically pro-mass migration Liberal Democrats — back an annual immigration limit by over 60 per cent in favour.

Women were also more likely to back a migration cap than men, with 74 per cent agreeing.

Respondents to the question “The Australian immigration system includes a cap that controls the number of migrant workers allowed to come each year.

Would you support or oppose an annual cap to control the total number of skilled workers allowed to come to the UK from overseas after Brexit?” also were not significantly divided by how they voted in the 2016 Brexit referendum. While 84 per cent of Brexit voters said yes, Remainers also backed it, with an outright majority of 64 per cent.

In fact, the only polled group who did not give the idea majority support were voters aged 18-35, but a plurality of even that group still supported a migration cap, backing it 46 to 26, with 28 per cent ‘don’t knows’.

Capping immigration would require democracy to be introduced. I wouldn't bet my mortgage on it happening anytime soon!