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Poll: Young voters SICK of left wing Politics


And about time too...

A poll has revealed that two-thirds of young people want a strongman as leader of the United Kingdom, while more than one-quarter would be happy with the military leading the country, revealing that younger generations are turning their backs on decades of liberalism.

A decisive poll conducted by Hanbury Strategy that was published on Thursday by the think tank Onward has found that: “Younger voters are most authoritarian,” which smashed the preconception that after over 50 years of Liberalism in western society that younger people would be more liberal than their elders.

Across all age brackets, 58% of Brits feel that having “a strong leader who does not have to bother with Parliament” would be a good way to run the United Kingdom. Many feel that this is as a direct result of new Prime Minister looking set to battle the Remain dominated House of Commons to deliver a meaningful Brexit by the 31st of October.

The confirmation of a clear move away from liberal globalisation as seen by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump may not surprise many. However, when asked 36% of young (and 26% across the age ranges) stated that it would be good “having the army-run the country. These results, if successfully extrapolated across the UK highlight the clear social and economic injustice that Liberalism has facilitated. 

When asked for comment on the results Lord James O’Shaughnessy of Onward said “We found that voters believe the growth of cities and increasing numbers of people going to university have been bad for society.

They think that communities have become more segregated rather than diverse and that family values are being eroded and that globalisation, technological change and immigration have harmed ordinary people’s lives, jobs and wages.” One of Liberalism’s certified aims is to create a borderless world. Many, who are proud of their nation’s history simply will not buy into this Liberal ideology. However, Liberalism has certainly been more effective at harbouring world peace than its predecessors, Communism and Fascism. 

 A further example is Poland. Mr Aleks Szczerbiak, who is a professor of politics at the University of Sussex stated in 2017  that “It was long assumed that young Poles would come to the west and become more secular, multicultural and liberal, that they would re-export those things back to Poland. But instead, their experience of the west seems to have reinforced their social conservatism and traditionalism in many ways.” In addition to this is Switzerland, which despite a long-held history of centrist politics, at the last national election saw 29% of their vote go to the Swiss People’s party. This list could go on. 

Some suggest that the period since 2016 has also seen a spike in antidemocratic Liberalism. There is no better example of this than many British politicians such as Jo Swinson who seemingly refuse to accept Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

These actions have led many such as the Wall Street Journal columnist William Galston to state “the most urgent threat to liberal democracy is not autocracy; it is illiberal democracy”. It could appear that Liberalism may even be committing political suicide right before our very eyes.

After 13 years of New Labour (and Corbyn mania) the English people have finally have enough of the left. When they wake up and realise the Tory party are the heirs of Blair and New Labour, the country and the political landscape will be unrecognisable.